Spiritual Instruction

Spiritual Instruction

Sri Natanananda, one of the earliest devotees, noted down the conversation which took place one day between Bhagavan and his devotees. These were then arranged and expanded and shown to Bhagavan who appreciated them. They were then published under the name of Upadesa Manjari, or Spiritual Instruction.


I seek refuge at the sacred feet of the blessed Ramana, who performs the entire work of creation, preservation and destruction, while remaining wholly unattached, and who makes us aware of what is real and thus protects us, that I may set down his words fittingly.

Importance of the Work

Worshipping with the instruments (of thought, word and body) the sacred lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the very embodiment of the beginningless infinite supreme Brahman, the Satchitananda (existence, consciousness, bliss), I have gathered this bouquet of the flowers of his instructions (upadesa manjari) for the benefit of those who are foremost among the seekers of liberation and who are adored by learned persons, in order that they might adorn themselves with it and attain salvation.

This book is an epitome of the immortal words of that great soul, Sri Ramana Maharshi, whose teachings entirely dispelled the doubts and wrong notions of this humble person even as the sun dispels darkness.

The subject of this book is that eternal Brahman, which shines as the pinnacle and heart of all the Vedas and Agamas.

That incomparable Self-realization (atma siddhi) which is praised by all the Upanishads and which is the supreme good to be sought by all noble aspirants (brahmavids) is the theme of this work.

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