An article about Bhagavan, written by a devotee, was entitled, "Where Silence is an Inspired Sermon". On seeing this, Bhagavan wrote the Tamil verse, which is translated below:

Silence, the unique language, ever surging in the Heart, is the state of grace.

One Letter

Akshara is a unique letter. You earnestly desired that I should write that unique letter in this book. As that unique letter shines forever, of its own accord, as the Self in the Heart, who indeed can write it down?

Sleep while Awake

Deep sleep can e'er be had while wide awake

By search for Self. In dream and waking states

Pursue the quest for Self without a break

So long as sleep's ignorance them permeates.

A Jnani and His Body

This was written in Sri Bhagavan's last days.

As one lets go the leaf after eating the food,

the seer sheds his body.

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