Ramana Ashtottara Satanamastotra


Sri Bhagavan translated from Sanskrit into Tamil the following two stanzas. They are the invocatory verses written by Swami Viswanathan for his hymn of 108 Names in praise of Sri Bhagavan.

Let us meditate in the Heart on Ramana, the boundless ocean of Being-Awareness-Bliss, of which the universe is but a wave, the steadfast one established firmly in the Heart-cave's depth, free from distracting thought.

To you who gained new birth by remembering the feet of Arunachala-Siva and, swept away by the vast, swelling tide of His grace divine, became Himself; to you who, dwelling in the Heart as sole monarch, purify the world by constant tapas; to you, Sri Ramana, the world-transcending light, we offer adoration.

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