Nine Stray Verses

An old devotee, Somasundara Swami, once begged Bhagavan to write in his notebook at least an akshara (a single syllable). An akshara also means undecaying and denotes Brahman. Bhagavan wrote a short epigram on the difficulty of writing down the akshara. This is the first verse below. The remaining verses were written at odd times by Bhagavan and included in some of the poems of Muruganar. The order used here was suggested by Bhagavan.


One syllable shines forever in the Heart as Self. Who is there anywhere who can write it down?


Incantation reaching to the source of sound is the best course for those who are not firm in consciousness, which is the source of the `I'.


He who mistakes this excreta-making body for Self is worse than one who, born a pig, for food takes excreta.


Incessant search for Self, the love supreme of God we call.
For He alone as Self abides within the Heart of all.


What introverted mind calls peace, outside as power is shown;

Those who have reached and found this truth, their unity have known.


He who's contented with his lot, from jealousy is free;
Balanced in affluence and mishap; not bound by action he.


By him alone who's saved himself can other folk be freed;
The help of others is as if the blind the blind, would lead.


Question and answer are of speech, duality their sphere;
Impossible in monism to find them anywhere.


There is no creation, no destruction, none bound, none seeking, striving, gaining freedom.
Know that this is the Truth surpreme.

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