Na Karmana

"Na Karmana" is the last Vedic chant of both the morning and evening Veda Parayanas at Sri Ramanasramam. It is customary for devotees to stand as it is chanted and then prostrate to the Guru at its conclusion. This tradition continues in the Ashrama at the Master's samadhi shrine.

In 1938, A. W. Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala), with the help of some devotees, translated "Na Karmana" into English. Sri Bhagavan corrected and approved his English versification. About the same time Sri Bhagavan translated "Na Karmana" into Tamil.

`Tis not by means of action immortality is gained, Nor even yet by offspring, nor possession of much gold, But by renunciation by some it is attained.

The Sages who their senses have all thoroughly controlled Attain that Sat [?] than which high heaven's Supremacy is less, Which ever doth within the Heart its radiance unfold.

The Adepts by renunciation and one-pointedness Who have become both pure in heart and who have also known The certainty of that one Truth Vedanta doth profess, Attain Self-realization; when ignorance has flown From body and its cause Maya they'll gain full liberty.

That only as minute Akash what has eternal shone, That is within the Lotus-Heart, of every sorrow free, of the Immaculate Supreme, the seat molecular, Within the body's inner core, should meditated be.

He verily is Lord Supreme. He is exalted far Above the Primal Word, which is of Veda first and last; In which blends the Creative Cause, so merged in one they are.

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