For the Mother's Recovery

In 1914, Bhagavan's mother, returning from a pilgrimage to Tirupati, paid a brief visit to him at Tiruvannamalai. While there she had a severe attack of fever, which some thought to be typhoid. Her life was despaired of and Bhagavan composed the following poem for her recovery. Needless to say, she recovered. Two years later she came and took up her abode permanently at Bhagavan's Ashram on the hill.

1. Hill of my refuge that cures the ills of recurring births!

O Lord! It is for Thee to cure my mother's fever.

2. O God that smitest Death itself? My sole refuge!

Vouchsafe Thy grace unto my mother and shield her from Death. What is Death if scrutinised?

3. Arunachala! Thou blazing fire of Jnana [?]! Deign to wrap my mother in Thy light and make her one with Thee. What need then for cremation?1

4. Arunachala, that chasest away illusion (maya [?])! Why delayest Thou to dispel my mother's delirium! Besides Thee, is there anyone who with maternal solicitude can protect the suppliant soul and ward off the strokes of destiny?

(Translated by Prof. K. Swaminathan)

1This was literally fulfilled on May 19, 1922.

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