Apology to Hornets

One day when Bhagavan was climbing the Hill he knocked against a hornets' nest and was attacked and very badly stung on the leg and thigh. He felt remorse for having disturbed them.

Questioned by Muruganar in the form of the following verse:

Sighting an overgrown, green-leaved bush, and

When stepping on it and stung by hornets to have legs swollen,

Venkata, in truth, why was an accidental intrusion

Treated without mercy, just as a wanton transgression?

Sri Bhagavan responded likewise in verse:

When I was stung by hornets in revenge

Upon the leg until it was inflamed,

Although it was by chance I stepped upon

Their nest, constructed in a leafy bush;

What kind of mind is his if he does not

At least repent for doing such a wrong?

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